For a very long time I’ve been passionate about folk arts and, most of all, the ornaments characteristic for ethnic groups around the world. I painted since I can remember but tattoo was always stronger and more magical than painting on the flat, dead canvas. Magical because it occured in many parts of the world simultaneously, what brings to mind its intuitive character. It was integral part of the initiation rituals and helped to alter the states of conciousness. It was the sign of maturity and affiliation and esthetic expression of ones feelings.

My fascination of folk arts started when I was studying at Malopolski Uniwerytet Ludowy (Malopolska Folk University). It was a little university in the polish mountains, working on the basis similar to scandinavian sloyds. There was a feeling of community living in the forest far away from the concret jungle, where we were learning various handcrafts: wickerwork, embroidery from around the world including the very decorated slavic one, pottery and artistic knitting.

I think that this place and these people had a big influence and a big impact on my future life. It was there I started dreaming about tattooing. Since the very beginning I focused on ethnic tattoo and dotwork. And, although I started with the machine, I always knew I had to go the roots and try traditional technic. Today I’m working with both technics and always looking for progression on both ways. Tattooing the traditional way creates this amazing atmosphere- special contact with a client, music which I always listen while working and rythmic sound of the needle on the skin…

Begginings were far from easy. Being the mother of the infant I needed lots of determination to learn tattooing totally unassisted without mentor or studio practice. Sometimes I was tattooing carrying the baby wrapped in the scarf on my back.

In my country I’m a bit of outsider of tattoo scene because I’ve been the first one to decorate the body with ornaments using hand poking technic.

Primitive Tattoo studio is in the house where I’m living. It’s located in the quiet area of landscape forest in the suburbs of Warsaw. I find it the perfect place for me. I always dreamed of moving the studio away from the city centre to create the natural barrier for the people walking in impulsively. I prefer working in the atmosphere of concentration so Primitive is a kind of intimate or “closed” studio. One day- one client. Consultations are always booked in advance.

It’s difficult to characterize coming people. Usually they are people looking for large ornaments, paying attention to the use of symbols which they want to wear on their bodies. I often use magical and spiritual symbols like unalome, swastika, shrivatsa among many others.

Tattooing someone I give them a bit of myself but also gain something. It’s like an energetic exchange.

Email: kontakt@primitive.pl