Ace (White Rabbit Ink)

Ace / Green Eyed Serpent (White Rabbit Ink)

Hello from New Zealand.
My name is Ace Alexander, I live and tattoo in the Forrest, I Tattoo & create organic Jewelry and tattoo tools from nature which I use to paint my designs onto the skin, otherwise we can go for a walk at the convention and find plants around the area to make some brushes on the day!
Most of my work is completely Freehand, I meet the person, get to understand their soul , and collaborate with them to create something that fits and flows with the natural shape of their body, I like to use a combination of heavy black to harness inner strength, and soft flowing movements to represent our ever changing energy– I do a combination of styles but as I am traveling across the globe to meet you, I will be focusing on freestyle blackwork/body flow, everything will be done in the beauty of the moment as I sit and spend time with you to create something truly unique and new, I cant wait to come and to meet you all !

Freestyle Organic Blackwork Flow using Brushes crafted from Nature to paint on the stencils I then tattoo.