Ethnic Tattoo Fest

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Dance of Kinyah Mandau

Syauqi is originally from Palangkaraya in Central Borneo Kalimantan. Born on 18 Agustust 1988. Eliska is his girlfriend. Now both of them live in Prague.

Kinyah Mandau dance is a traditional dance originating from Central Kalimantan. This dance is a dance of the Dayak tribe featuring elements of martial arts, war art, and theatrical art. This dance is very famous and even almost all Dayak tribes in Kalimantan have this type of dance. Especially in Central Kalimantan, commonly referred to as Kinyah Mandau Dance.

Dayak Ngaju tribe is the largest Dayak tribe who live in the river area of Khahayan, Kapuas and Katingan. Dayak Ngaju people called in general Dayak Ngaju are indigenous people of Borneo from the Dayak group.


Dominik Muszynski - Drum Workshops

Personal self-development workshop with drums.

Drums have served people for centuries, they were a tool in the hands of shamans - therapists. On the one hand, they grounded us, showing the essence of what is here and now, on the other, they were like a spaceship that took us deep into our galaxy showing the strong and important aspects of spirituality. They also served for integration purposes, connecting people.


Yoga Art of Sound - 26/27/28.06

Voice yoga is meditation through singing. Thanks to breathing exercises and techniques, participants of the workshop have the opportunity to discover their natural voice. Singing is something original and something that everyone can do.

This is not only reserved for people with a ``beautiful`` voice, because every voice is beautiful. The workshops I conduct also aim to show the strength of our voices when singing in a group. Like ordinary purring, it gains power during group singing. The workshop program is based on meditation through singing. In my technique I combined elements of yoga - voice yoga, white singing and intuitive singing.